Terms & Conditions

This document contains the general terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) that are expressly accepted, in their entirety each time the employment management and placement service is used through the Lifewizsupplements platform and/or any other digital platform.

  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The legal or natural person that does not accept the Terms must refrain from using the Services offered through the Platform since they are mandatory for access to them. Through the Platform, a job management and placement service is provided in which it allows Candidates to obtain Access to job positions to obtain employment depending on the validation carried out by the Analysts of the client company from which the position comes depending on what your specialty is and the profile that can be evidenced through the platform.

  1. Registration and Classification of USERS:

To acquire the quality of USER, the legal or natural person must provide the information required in THE PLATFORM for registration, which will be identified according to the following classification: Analysts verified registered (hereinafter “The Analysts”) who are defined as: Employees of the client companies of PSYCONOMETRICS SAS in charge of evaluating and selecting the Candidates who register through the Platform or Candidates. To be an ANALYST, the following will be required: Personal data such as names, surnames, citizenship card, address, cell phone, email. Verification of the employment relationship or legal provision of affiliation with a client of PSYCONOMETRICS SAS In addition to the above, the Analyst User or the client company must sign a contract that regulates the relationship for offering services with PSYCONOMETRICS SAS. In case of not subscribing it when it requests it, it will be able to proceed with the elimination of the user and the services offered in the Platform. Only those companies that have less than 250 workers and / or that their annual turnover does not exceed one hundred billion pesos ($ 12,000,000,000) may make use of the MAGNETO PYMES platform, in case of visualizing a breach of these conditions, they will proceed to invoice the additional cost. The companies that access the MAGNETO PYMES platform will be considered ANALYSTS and must comply with the obligations enshrined in the documents for this type of user and for the purposes considered by PSYCONOMETRICS. Candidates, who will be third-party users registered in the Platform to obtain employment in any position offered by the client of PSYCONOMETRICS SAS (hereinafter “The Candidates”) who together will be called “The Users”. To be a CANDIDATE, it will be enough to present the required information on The Platform and accept these legal Terms and Conditions. It should be reiterated that for a natural person to be able to access the Platform as a student user, they must be over 18 years old or at least 16 years old and have the proper authorization and supervision of their guardian or legal guardian. To acquire the quality of User, any person who so wishes, must provide the information required in The Platform for registration, which will be subsequently validated by PSYCONOMETRICS SAS In the event that validation errors are evidenced in the information provided, it will proceed to request it by email (to the contact email provided) for it to be corrected, the requested correction made, The Platform will proceed to activate the User. In the event that no errors are evident in the information provided after validation, the User will be activated. Upon acceptance of the Terms and validation of the information provided in the registration, The Platform will create an account for the User on The Platform. It will also give you access by granting you a username and password. The User will be solely responsible for safeguarding said password. Any operation carried out with the access code will be valid and binding for the User. For this reason, The User is obliged to safeguard their login data, they may not waive any type of obligation contracted in the use of their login data, every transaction will be valid and will provide executive merit for the collection of the expenses and obligations generated by virtue of such actions. for the User who is in the correlative position of the contracted obligation. Candidates acknowledge that the data shared on the platform will be used by PSYCONOMETRICS for all purposes related to job management and placement and that they will be transmitted free of charge or for consideration to third parties, a condition that the candidate fully accepts. In addition to the Terms described in this document, any person who wishes to access the Services must abide by the other policies,

General duties

  • Assume any risk derived from an activity generated with the information on the site.
  • Recognize that PSYCONOMETRICS may eliminate candidates or offers at its discretion, when it is considered that they do not comply with exact information.
  • Authorize to be contacted by information channel, such as whatsapp, mail, chatbot, or any other.
  • Do not download resumes for purposes other than personnel selection within the framework of the vacancies offered on the platform. In case of breach of this duty, the respective complaint will be sent to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce for the inappropriate use of Personal Data and the non-compliant party must recognize in favor of PSYCONOMETRICS a penalty corresponding to 100 Current Legal Monthly Minimum Wages, in addition to the damages that are demonstrated by the breach.

Specific Duties Candidates

  • Provide accurate information and keep your resume updated.
  • Inform when you are not interested in continuing to provide management and placement services.
  • Authorize PSYCONOMETRICS SAS for the use and transfer of your information for the purposes of the agreed services.
  • Inform when you intend to revoke the authorization for the processing of personal data.
  • Be responsible for the veracity and timeliness of the information provided.
  • Issue express consent so that the data provided can be consulted before entities of the control of money laundering and / or terrorist financing as well as the risk centers and credit entities to verify the good behavior of the User.
  • Refrain from facilitating that third parties, not Users, use or benefit from The Platform without the express authorization of PSYCONOMETRIS SAS
  • Provide true, trustworthy, sufficient, clear and updated information regarding the goods or services offered or required in terms of job positions.
  • Unauthorized or fraudulent use of the Services.
  • Do not access or try to access resources or restricted areas of the Platform
  • Not to use the Platform, the contents or the services for illicit, illegal purposes or effects, contrary to what is established in these conditions, in good faith and public order, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable or overload The Platform or prevent the normal use of the services.
  • Do not introduce or spread computer viruses on the network or perform actions that may alter, interrupt or generate errors or damage to electronic documents, databases or computer systems (hardware and software) of the Platform.
  • Refrain from providing viruses, worms or other programming routines that interfere with or damage the Platform.
  • Refrain from accessing, using and / or manipulating the databases that are provided for unforeseen purposes and that undermine the rights of the owners. In case of using any data that is collected from the databases of the Platform, the respective incident report will be made to the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce to generate the respective sanctioning process in the matter of Habeas Data.
  • Not to reproduce, copy, distribute, transform or modify the contents of The Platform. The graphic, technical, commercial and physical elements are protected by the general legislation of intellectual property and for this reason they have the respective protection.
  • Not to delete, hide or manipulate the notes on intellectual property rights and other identifying data of The Platform or third parties incorporated into the content, as well as the technical protection devices or information mechanisms that may be inserted into the content and systems.
  • Refrain from impersonating another User or natural or legal person when using the Services.
  • Do not provide video interviews with illegal content such as, infringements of intellectual property rights, pornography, child pornography and in general any activity that could be reproached for the purpose for which the video interview is collected.
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