Privacy Policy

Here, in this Privacy Policy, you will get to know all about the services that our website offers you. It makes the way clear in which the website accumulates, brings in use, manages and moves ahead of the information collected from the users of the site. The policy covers all the product that has been made available on the website.

 What all we collect in terms of information?

Non-personal identification information: This focuses on the information of the kind of medium, computer or device, browser name and other related technical information used to log in onto the site. This information is solely based on the customers that visit the website.


Personal identification information: This requires you to provide all your personal information i.e. your email ID, contact address, name, phone number. Such information is required and demanded when a new customer visits the website or orders a product from our page. The website also asks information and some details of user’s debit/credit card.

Web Browser Cookies

 The usage of cookies is done by us to make the experience at the website fulfilling for the users. With the help of cookies, we are easily able to understand the pattern of customers and keep a track on the information provided by them.

 Usage if information provided by the customers

We, as the website, has full right to use the information provided by the user. This information is generally provided to use when a person visits the website, registers with us, orders any product or even takes part in any kind of competition or promotional offer. We keep a keen eye on everything so as to maintain the privacy of the customer. Here are the ways in which we use the information:

  •  To make the management of the website better for the purpose of surveys, advertising and numerous other works
  • To allow us to provide better experience to the users in cases of customer service complaints/ requests
  • To provide a speedy and pace to the transaction procedure while making a purchase
  • To grant you an uninterrupted and secure experience while you visit the website
  • To know about the interests of the people and deliver them with the merchandise that suits their choice
  • To make their visit to the website a beneficial one

Every customer that visits our website is given equal importance. We even email a periodic newsletter to all our esteemed customers in a bid to keep them updated about latest offers and schemes.

 Safety of users’ information

 Innumerable precautions are taken by the website for the protection of the information provided to us by the customers. Information, beginning from name and ending on credit card details, is provided protection through a secured network. We make sure that the information provided to us is used by only some members of the team for dispatching of the product. The website uses a secured server in the process of placing the order. During the payment too, the information is transferred through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is later on encrypted in our database.

 Customers’ personal information is safe with us

 We do not believe in selling or renting the personal information our esteemed customers. We have a security policy and we abide by it. The only case in which we may provide information to the third party is when it is asked by the law. Other than this, we regard it as a duty and job role to provide utmost protection to the information of the users.

 This is how you can Opt Out of the Newsletter service

 An ‘opt out’ option is provided at the end of every newsletter we send to our customers. Users who wish to discontinue the newsletter service can click on that link hence, following the further steps. All the users are entitled to contact us through email for the same by mentioning their email ID and the word ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

 Do we link with other resources?

 Yes, we surely are linked to other resources but, we do not provide any guarantee about their content or the privacy policy they follow. Therefore, it is always advised to read and go through the disclaimer, privacy policy and even the terms and conditions of all the external webistes.

 How do we notify about change in privacy policy?

 Regarding any change in the privacy policy, the website informs the customers by flashing a ticker on the home page of the site. In case, we require the users’ information for some reason, we send a mail directly to the concerned person as a primary step. Here the person has the full right to decide whether to keep going with our services or opt out of it.

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